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Not only is it one of the most fun and robust versions ofMario & Sonicyet, but it even introduces the nostalgic "2D Events," which play 1964 Olympic games in 8 and 16-bit styles. The game is also the first to include a Story Mode, which oscillates between 2D and 3D. This is an enjoyable sports game as much as it’s a celebration of gaming history. The game nicely balances accessibility and complexity, featuring customizable teams, new mechanics like pickoffs and steals, and 14 detailed ballparks. The online competitions are particularly thrilling, and cross-platform play ensures players will find an opponent. While it’s a bit rough around the edges, this game largely hits that sweet Transformers The Game spot in terms of its balance of depth and arcade-style gameplay. The game offers enough complexity and surprisingly-sleek visuals for more serious players to appreciate.

Polygon’s two sports experts, Samit Sarkar and Owen Good, will do so anyway, and determine a champion for our 2015 Sports Video Game of the Year. Either that distances sports further from the mainstream video games discussion, or it makes their contributions more worth recognizing.

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At the same time, its undiluted, easy-going nature makes for an appealing, accessible experience for less-practiced ballplayers. 3) If there was more competition in sports gaming, I don’t think this would be an issue. That’s why this feels like a valid edge case to our review system. Should we see alternate NFL games crop up, we could more easily guide people with a Yes on one and a No on the other.

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After all, the sports we enjoy in real life are themselves well-designed and highly balanced games with playing histories lasting a century or more. And their video game analogues top sales charts year-round, with audiences as large or larger than the big-name shooters on any platform.

Halbys Morsels: Is The Sports World Losing Young Fans? Nfls Christmas Tree Game; Marv Albert

You and I have said repeatedly onthe Press Row Podcast that we’d love to see more story baked into the career modes of sports games, and only 2K Sports is keeping those hopes alive at this point. We do these year-end roundups to look back at the past 12 months, but also to ponder what the past could mean for the future.

You didn’t need to have any interest in sports to care about Rocket League; it’s a game everybody was talking about and playing. The customization options are more befitting a game from two generations ago, which is especially unacceptable for an individual sport where most users play as themselves. The career mode did some things to obscure how few real courses it had on the schedule , and as such, you feel less like you’re participating in a career and more like you’re playing one event to the next.

Still, there are fewer sports video games to choose from. And football is not basketball is not baseball, making their contribution harder to judge, even among their peers, than an annualized franchise like Call of Duty or Assassin’s Creed.

Here’s hoping that this year ends up being a turning point for our favorite genre. For now, though, let’s celebrate NBA 2K16, Polygon’s Sports Video Game of the Year for 2015. Rocket League also seems like something that hit at just the right time, neatly encapsulating the sports video game market in 2015. As an exciting and eminently watchable game, it fits well with today’s culture of livestreaming. And I can’t remember the last sports-focused (non-racing) game that had Rocket League’s massive crossover appeal.

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